Project Description


Opteron Prime was a project I did together with Supermicro. It was created to join in on big adv folding@home projects and create awareness and exposure for this. Next tot his EK Waterblocks joined in on the project. The specs of this system were massive. Four of the most high-end AMD Opteron server processors with 16 cores each. A massive amount of fast memory and everything watercooled. The motherboard featured 9 waterblocks in total. Sadly a year after big adv folding was cancelled by the Stanford University. But folding@home caries on using graphics cards and regular desktop processors.



4*Opteron 6383SE – the current top of the line retail AMD Opterons

Supermicro A+ H8QGL-iF quad socket G34 motherboard (that supports 1866 mhz memory)

16*Hynix 1866 4 GB ram sticks

1 * Seagate SSD 100GB

1 * 4U Supermicro server rack



4 * EKWB CPU CSQ waterblocks

4 * EKWB memory waterblocks

2 * EKWB X3 25cm tube reservoirs

2 * EKWB 480mm radiators

2 * EKWB transparent pump top

2 * EKWB D5 pump

All EKWB 12mm OD plexiglass tubing

All EKWB black CSQ 12mm OD fittings for hardline tubing

Mayhems Pastel UV Lime Yellow