Project Description


I was asked by MSI EU to mod one of their Nightblade All-In-One gaming solutions. They were the first of a now big range of MSI own gaming systems you can buy off the shelf ready to game. Space was very small in it, it is designed to not have a big footprint. I still wanted to mod both the inside and the outside. So I created a set of new outer panels to accommodate for both a big window and on the other side an illuminated modified MSI Gaming dragon. I tried to accentuate the shape of the original chassis. The front needed to look like the gaming system was alive. I removed everything that was not needed from the inside of the chassis. Meaning all HDD and SSD cages and the complete DVD player and its cage. Also I removed the original air cooler from the processor. Since the stock chassis is gray on the inside I took everything else out as well and sprayed the entire chassis black on the inside. I did away with unneeded cables and I sleeved the ones that remained. No bare wires left. I created a cover for over the graphics card inside. And I created a bracket to be able to fit an All-In-One watercooling solution inside the tiny chassis and topped it off with both a custom (illuminated) grill for over the radiator and a custom illuminated cover for over the cpu block. Last but not least I made a Crucial MSI Gaming theme SSD to fit the entire theme and finish it off.

I think all in all I did a lot of different things to the system.