Project Description


This casemod has made quite a journey. It started out as just me wanting to give the Nvidia theme a go.  Saw the InWin 303 NVIDIA Edition and gave InWin a call asking if I could use one for a casemod. They sent me the chassis, one of their Classic modular power supplies and 2 Aurora fan kits. I still had a Supermicro green and black Z270 motherboard at some nice Ballistix memory laying around. I bought a GTX1080 Founders Edition and went to work. I was eager to try a specific set of waterblocks from Bykski since I really liked the design. And I went to work. From there on V1 came to life. I reused a lot of fittings and stuff I had laying around, a pump and top and ordered a reservoir from Clockwerk Industries. He also made the faceplate for me with the Nvidia logo in it. I still had some Mayhems dies as well and amongst them some UV green and some UV Laser Green. Perfect for the build. I did the triangles all over the outside of the chassis with various sorts of brushed aluminium vinyl. I designed fan grills with triangular holes in them to match the theme and match the Nvidia marketing material.

After a while Bitspower asked me if I could make a casemod to show off their new watercooled power supply that they did together with FSP. Of course this also meant having to change the waterblocks to Bitspower and changing the loop as it added another component to the loop: the power supply. I changed it al land had a nice photo session with Thijs from TD Photography. Great guy and the photos turned out sweet imo. Those photos I have posted here.

After this the system went on to travel to Computex 2018 (Taipei, Taiwan) on the Bitspower booth.


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