Project Description


This was my first personal all-out casemod. My first try and custom watercooling and directly into acrylic tube watercooling. I had my eyes on a Silverstone TJ07 for a long time. It is still considered one of the most amazing PC cases ever to be created and various casemodders and companies have created masterpieces with this chassis. I had many ideas and needed to still learn so many things. A lot of the panels and covers etc were created by ColdZero. A company in Portugal that created custom parts for pc cases. During the modding process I had bought quite some parts from them and they offered me to sponsor the casemod from there on as they liked where it was going. We ended up creating a custom backpanel, custom grills on both sides and the top (for 3 fans), a custom sidecover for the 5,25 drive bays and custom backplates for the GPUs. I positioned the bay reservoir backwards pointing inside the chassis for a clean look. All cables were seld sleeved with MDPC-X sleeving. I am still proud of this project even though nowadays I could have made it even better with less cables visible. Oh and much better photography 😉



Intel I7-3770K

Gigabyte Z77X-UP7

Samsung 4*4 GB low profile and low voltage OC memory

2 * KFA2 GTX670

Cooler Master 1050W full modular power supply

XSPC watercooling blocks and reservoir/pump combo

Xigmatek orange LED fans